About me

I’m an enthusiastic software professional.

I try, as much as possible, to solve problems, and to focus on the problems that really matter. Sometimes, in this process, I may use or create the software I need.

I strive to see my job as the act of turning ideas into a working product. It’s not just programming.

I think automation is crucial. No human should do something that a computer can do.

I’m a strong supporter of Agile Software Development and a signatory of the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship; the focus on people, rather than processes, tools, documentation, hierarchies or other non-human concerns, is the missing link between bare programming and the development of great, useful software.

I’m a full stack developer with a wide experience with many programming languages, environments and libraries; I’ve got a good grasp of the whole infrastructure I need for my job, from understanding the requirements, to development, testing, and delivery, and I can set it up as needed. I like to work in teams, that I can lead, and where I can both teach and learn.

I’m interested and experienced in matters of security: no software can be considered well done today without them.