I'm an enthusiastic software professional with a soft spot for agile methodologies. If you like, you may want to read something more about me, or take a look at what are my open source contributions

I happen to enjoy teaching and telling the world about what I've found useful in my professional life: my public speaking page will tell you far more.

I like to write, and I maintain two blogs about computer science: Ollivander: a wand is not enough, is my committed tech blog, where I talk about what I like and dislike in the software world, and I publish a number of articles on what I deem interesting enough - usually a question that cannot be easily googled or searched for on StackOverflow. My latest brainstorming led to Parkinson's law and estimates

The other is Mostly Unixish: tips & tricks, collected, where I try to give quick and effective responses to some tedious tasks that still hinder software developers' productivity in 2015. How could you live without loading...?

I hope you can find some of the content I offer you here, if not interesting, at least amusing. Feel free to drop me a line or two if you'd like to let me know anything.

This website is a work in progress. And it will always be.